Friday, April 2, 2010

easter thoughts

Spare a thought for Jesus, who either died or was born on this very day, 2010 years ago. God gave us this gentle, wise soul who rose from the dead so we could be aware of our own possibilities and potential to also similarly rise from that same dead. Jesus was uncategoriseable: you couldn't call him a socialist, a hippie or a jew, and you certainly couldn't call him a peacenik. He was just a man, and also, a superstar.

I often think about Jesus on this, his day of birth or death I can never remember, and consider what he might think if he came to Earth now. He'd go on all the talk shows, he'd probably have a blog! And he'd certainly have a thing or two to say about child obesity and compulsory army service. I hope he'd clear up that thing about the Shroud of Turin too, it really intrigues me!

One thing I do know about Jesus: he would vote conservative, urge you to make a lot of money and to oppress the poor, as that makes them more likely to go to Heaven. Since you are then the reason they are going to Heaven, your cruelty is actually altruism and you, too, can go to Heaven. Listen to Jesus and do as he says.

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